The right vase can transform a bunch of flowers, take it from ordinary to extraordinary and help showcase the best of your flowers’ features.


Not all of them will look good in every vase, and different colours work better with different types of flowers.


Choosing the perfect vase for your flowers can be tricky.  

Those with a more open neck provide a more relaxed open look which will allow the flowers to fill the space. A tighter neck will keep the arrangement tidy and controlled. 


The shape and fullness of the flower also need to be considered. If the flower is top heavy it will need a heavier and perhaps wider base to counter the weight.


A short single stem vase is always good to have too, then as you walk the neighbourhood you can pick that overhanging rose or colourful bloom to brighten your space. Perhaps you have a green thumb and have some delights appearing in your garden. 

We recommend having a variety on hand. If at any time you are unsure, just reach out. We are more than happy to help.


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