When Plants Are Attacked: They Call For Help

by Suzi Tehan

Houseplants help to bring the beauty of nature indoors, but sometimes it brings in parts of nature we don't actually want such as a pest infestation.

If you are dealing with a little pest problem, there's no need to panic.  They may be annoying or even appear strange, such as the spider mites, but they are all actually well-understood and can be treated with the appropriate remedies. 

According to research, plants attacked by pests transmit distress messages to neighbouring leaves to activate defences.  Stressed plants not only warn their neighbours also about their condition, which increases their resistance, but there is evidence to show that at the same time this also calls in local predators to protect them from the invaders.

Plant enthusiasts already know that houseplants are extraordinary—and the more we learn, the more fascinating things we discover.

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