Spring Houseplant Maintenance

by Suzi Tehan

The importance of spring houseplant maintenance cannot be overstated.

This is the time of year when most indoor plants awaken from their winter hibernation and begin their active growing season. To make the seasonal transition easier for your houseplants in this spring, follow our tips below.

 Adjust Your Watering Levels

With warmer weather and new growth, your plants are going to get thirsty. Try sticking your finger into the soil before you water to see how fast the soil is drying out. Adjust your watering accordingly of course, depending on the plant.  We recommend that if it feels dry 1-2 inches in, its time to water.

You could always try using a moisture meter, if you don't like getting your fingers dirty.

Repot if Required

Spring is the best time for re-potting as your plants will be keen to stretch their legs and start producing new root growth. With the roots filling out new space this will reduce the risk of root rot.

Always think about your plant and whether it should be re-potted into a larger pot. Never pot up more than a few centimeters larger than the old pot, as generally plants don't like going too big too soon.

Spring Means its Time to Feed

The warmer days and extra sun are the perfect time to give them a boost as the plants enter their growing mode.  Remember there are only so many nutrients available in potting mix.  This is of course only available until your plant has used it all up. Feeding regularly while they're actively growing will give them the extra nutrients they need.

Careful of Light Changes

As the weather warms up, it's a good time of year to re-style and give your space a new look. Make sure you're keeping an eye on the direct rays of the sun and try not to let anything get scorched. You might need to shuffle some plants back to a darker corner as more light creeps in.

Get to Work Pruning

Give your plants a boost in the spring, especially if they've had a tough winter, with a prune. If any unfortunate leaves have started to yellow or brown, feel free to remove them with some good secateurs.

Pruning encourages the growth of new stems and leaves, so if you want to propagate something, prune what you need and place it in some propagation powder, then in some soil.

Bust the Dust

Spring cleaning is in full swing! Take advantage of this chance to establish a cleaning routine for your houseplants.  Spray the plants and all its leaves outside with a hose or perhaps in the shower.  Let the leaves dry and bring the plant inside again to avoid the leaves being burnt by the direct sun. With the more sturdy leaves such as with the Rubber Plant, you can spray and polish the leaves with a natural leaf shine such as Neem oil or Leaf Shine, which will assist the plant to photosynthesize and respire more efficiently. Removing the dust from all sides of the leaves will also allow you to enjoy its lush new look!

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