Gifts for the Plant Lover

by Suzi Tehan

Need a gift for a houseplant lover? Coming up with some sort of plant gift is a sure bet, but what, another plant? Which one would they like? We are at times almost as subjective in our preferences for plants, as we are in our fashion tastes. 

Fear not, if you still stumped about what to give, try a new pot or planter. It may not be a new plant, but it will definitely cater to their plant obsession!

When you're a good plant parent, your plants regularly outgrow their pots or make babies that need to be planted in their own pots.  As a result they're sure to appreciate empty pots to help them expand their growing plant empire! An especially good gift is a uniquely decorated pot (or two) that can be used to cover up a plant's plastic nursery pot.

Different types of plants also need different types of pots, so if you decide to buy your plant lover more than one, it's a good idea to give different kinds. 

When shopping for an indoor pot, it's tempting to purchase one based on aesthetics alone. There are however a few factors you should consider beyond what a pot looks like, such as the material it's made from and its drainage.  

We also recommended thinking about what type of pot works best for the specific plant you're growing. The material the pot is made of impacts the plant by how much water a pot absorbs or how much heat it retains, meaning you may need to adjust your watering schedule.

Ceramic indoor pots are great because of their versatility. Plants that are sensitive to overwatering, grow especially well in ceramic pots.  These pots are porous and plants are less likely to suffer from root rot since the pot absorbs water. It may mean you may have to water plants in ceramic pots a little more often when its warmer.

We recommend choosing a pot that is a size larger that the size of your plant. Always start with a smaller pot and move the plant to a larger one as it grows. When repotting choose a wider and deeper pot, approximately 5 cm either way for a smaller plant, and 10 cm for a larger plant.

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