Elegant Elephants Ear

by Suzi Tehan

A touch of elegance …or dash of lushness perhaps!  The Elephant Ear is tough and easy to grow.  The leaves grow dark green, sometimes with purple metallic backs, up to about 30 cm.  In terms of height and width, think roughly 1.5 metres tall and the same wide. 

In the garden the Elephant Ear prefers a warm humid shady position and to be watered moderately.  Sap irritates skin and eyes though, so just watch out for that when you’re pruning. 

Being a tropical plant the Elephant Ear does sheltered warm indoor humid spots really well.  As a general rule -  part shade or filtered light.  Best not to allow soil to dry out, we recommend fertilizing regularly, especially during warmer months.

Botanic name - Alocasia. 

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