Kangaroo Ivy

by Suzi Tehan

LIGHT:  This plant can survive with a large variety of light conditions but does prefer bright filtered light.  Direct sunlight will burn the plant. 

WATERING:  Water thoroughly in the growing season, allowing the top of the soil to dry out before watering again. In winter water more sparingly. 

NUTRIENT:  Fertilize during the growing season with slow-release granules or with balanced liquid fertilizer.  Don’t feed during Winter. 

TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY:  Normal room temperature during warmer months of the year, with a cooler position for the resting months of Winter.  This plant will tolerate moderate humidity. 

SIZE:  If grown outdoors this plant would have the potential to grow to 3 m, but grown in a pot it would be much smaller. 

PROBLEMS:  Pests that may be a threat to these plants are: red spider mites, whiteflies, and mealybugs. 

SPECIAL CARE:  If long trails on the plant are unwanted, pinch them back to produce a bushier plant.  Stems may be tied to help them train upwards and if the plant needs to be re-potted do it in Spring after heavy pruning. 

BOTANIC NAME:  Cissus Rhombifolia