Holly Fern

by Suzi Tehan

LIGHT:  This plant prefers medium light or bright filtered light. 

WATERING:  Needs regular deep watering during the warmer months and for the soil to dry out a bit between watering in Winter. 

NUTRIENT:  Apply blood and bone, slow-release granules, or liquid fertilizer in Spring.  Mulch around the root area with some well decayed organic matter.  Do not feed in winter. 

TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY:  Normal room temperature during the growth period with a drop to about 10 degrees in Winter.  Relatively low humidity will be tolerated by this plant. 

SIZE:  These plants grow up to 60 cm in height and up to 1.1 m in width 

PROBLEMS:  Browning of old fronds could be from natural aging or caused by a lack of humidity or moisture.  Scale may be a problem for these plants. 

SPECIAL CARE:  Keep away from cooking fumes.  Double potting may be useful for these plants.  When roots become pot bound, repot in Spring. 

BOTANIC NAME:  Crytomium Falcaltum