Fish Tail Palm

by Suzi Tehan

LIGHT:  Bright filtered light with no direct sunlight. 

WATERING:  Water freely during the growing season but allow the soil to dry out between watering in Winter. 

NUTRIENT:  Use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks during the growing season but do not feed during winter. 

TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY:  Normal room temperature or slightly higher is best for these plants, they don’t tolerate cool conditions. Humidity is also best kept high.  Misting may help with this in the warmer weather. 

SIZE:  If grown outside these plants have the potential to grow very large.  When confined to pots and indoors the growth is slowed down considerably, they rarely reach more than 2.5 m in height. 

PROBLEMS:  A dry atmosphere may encourage red spider mite which may cause browning of fronds.  Mealybugs can also be a threat to these plants. 

SPECIAL CARE:  These palms are affected by draughts so need to be kept in a draught free position.  If the plant needs repotting, do it only in spring, every second or third year. 

BOTANIC NAME:  Caryota Mitis